Marcela Gómez: The joyful journey of a Latina entrepreneur

I never wanted anyone else to have my destiny in their hands.
— Marcela Gomez

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Her Story of Success...

As a young single mother, Marcela Gómez started a marketing firm in 2002 to focus on strategies for reaching the growing Latino community in the U.S. Launching her business was a turning point for Marcela, a native of Colombia who moved to North Carolina with her family as a teen. When she was laid off from her marketing job with a major Christian publishing house, she finally decided to take the reins of her own career. 

About This Episode...

Marcela shares her ideas on building a support network when you move to a new city, making the decision to leave a job that diminishes you, the myths of work-life balance–and why she goes to bed each night with "total peace of mind."