Holly Coltea: When Career Meets Motherhood

With everything you do away from your children, you always instrinsically ask yourself, is this better than being at home with my kids?
— Holly Coltea
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Her Story of Success...

Holly Coltea moved to New York City as a young woman and achieved many of her lifelong goals — working for a Madison Avenue ad agency, earning her M.B.A and succeeding in the corporate world. But like many young women, she found that having children forced her to re-evaluate the direction of her career. “When you have kids, it is clear as day — what you need to be doing and what you don’t need to be doing,” she says. Holly chose to get off the corporate treadmill, move back to her hometown with her husband and three daughters and become a franchisee for a fitness studio, a transition that brought her both success and flexibility.


About This Episode...

Holly tell us about the importance of having a mentor, the challenges of re-entering the workforce after a break, the benefits of being a franchise owner and the opportunities that come with finding work-life balance.