Erica Rains: Success Is Not A Number

Success to me is not a number, or a number of years, or a certain word. It’s just a feeling that you’ve done the best you can with what you have, and you’ve exercised all options to do good, to help others, to make your way.
— Erica Rains

Her Story of Success...

Erica Rains has made a career out of constantly finding new ways to connect with people. After nearly two decades working in public relations, advertising, radio, and TV, Erica decided to seek out a new challenge by opening a restaurant and catering business,The Chef & I, with her talented chef husband, Chris. Erica and Chris celebrated the restaurant’s new location, which offers cooking classes and a chef training program, in downtown Nashville.

About This Episode...

Erica talks about the rewards of starting a business with her husband, the importance of making a human connection in our digital world, and the value of knowing when to strive for success and when to enjoy it.