our mission

To empower women to create their own version of success by equipping them with the tools, resources and relationships they need to reach the next step in their career and life.


What We Do 

Her Story of Success exclusively focuses on supporting and furthering the career journeys of professional women, from entry level professionals to business owners to busy executives.

We serve companies that are interested in:

    • Establishing and growing meaningful relationships with women business owners

    • Developing, supporting and retaining top female talent

    • Creating mentorship programs and community engagement strategies

We serve women business owners who are interested in:

    • Determining the next step in their business growth and career path

    • Accessing resources, mentors and content that further their success

    • Developing mentees and community impact strategies


Why We Do It

We believe women are unstoppable. By connecting women with the tools, resources and relationships they need to create their own versions of success for themselves, their business, family and community is our way to change the world.